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  • Article n° 10 : RRC - Relecture-Révision-Correction - 13 juin 2012

    Si votre activité professionnelle vous amène à écrire en anglais, je peux relire et corriger vos écrits. Rendez-vous sur le site de RRC - Relecture-Révision-Correction. :. De même, si votre (...)
  • Grammar free software programme - 9 juin 2010

    Sentence Transformer Here is a free software programme to practise grammar. It is called "Sentence Transformer". You will have to rewrite a sentence using a prompt (= the beginning of a (...)
  • Carolyn Graham’s chants - 29 avril 2010

    On Wednesday, April 28th 2010, I attended a very special class at the IUFM in Lyon during which Carolyn Graham, the famous American lady who invented how to teach English through the use of (...)
  • Useful websites - 9 janvier 2010

    Here you will find some interesting websites with many resources called Language Learning Resource Center Site EDU BASE Site de service de relecture et correction orthographique de textes (...)
  • Pronunciations - 17 décembre 2009

    Here are three websites to help you with the pronunciation of English words, phrases or even sentences. You can even choose the British accent or the American accent. Text to speech to hear (...)