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  • On a website - Mars 2008

    Follow this link to learn some vocabulary :
    or try the Internet picture dictionary :

  • Words and their pronunciation (audio) on line - Octobre 2007

    Try this website to learn more vocabulary or to check your pronunciation.

  • Learning the press vocabulary - Juin 2007

    Here is a book published by Nathan to help sudents learn the typical vocabulary which is used in the English and American press. To know what this book looks like, go to :

  • Learning vocabulary - Mars 2006

    Learning vocabulary Here are two books to learn your own vocabulary and enrich your written expressions ! a) Active communication in English by A. Spratbrow Editions Spratbrow b) Le Robert & Collins - Vocabulaire Anglais & Américain You can buy these books in the following bookshops : Decitre, Flammarion or Gibert near Place Bellecour or you can order them at your local bookshop.
    c) I would also advise you also to buy a dictionary (CD Rom) and install it on your (...)