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index.html Welcome to Mrs Rossini's website,
created especially for you!
You will find all the tools you need
to improve your English
through various activities
 such as reading, listening, grammar practising
and browsing interesting websites.
If you are studying in the BTS section,
the BTS's corner has been designed just for you!

Check the site regularly to discover new links !
It's up to you now! Good luck!


  • Before entering the website - Février 2006

    You have decided to improve your English!
    Good for you!!!
    The English language is everywhere:
    not only in the songs but also in the companies,
    in the scientific and medical research,
    in tourism, on the Internet etc...
    In Europe, English is the only common language!
    Thanks to English, you will have better prospects for
    your future and, of course, better jobs opportunities!
    In a word, thanks to English, the world will be (...)